Monday, May 27, 2013

My Trip to Visit the Gassers


 Painting with Claire

 Tye-Dyeing with Carolyn

 Beautiful rhodedendrons. I forgot how everything just grows and grows in the Northwest.


 Doing chalk with Claire. Notice her bead necklace. And bike helmet.


 Riding bikes. Notice the knee pads.

 Me and Claire taking silly pictures in the car while we waited for Carolyn.

 Waiting with Claire at the doctor's office while Carolyn had a check up. See the fish tank behind her.

 Claire making silly faces with her new Brobee doll that she got for her birthday, and rattle teddy bear she got for baby brother.


 Claire in her pink cowgirl hat. Howdy, friends!

 Doing a puzzle with the big girls.

Then Carolyn and Curtis went to the hospital!!!

 Being silly at bathtime.


 Visiting mama and baby brother in the hospital. Brobee came too.

Meeting Reed!!
 Drinking milk at the hospital.

Claire was more interested in eating goldfish crackers than meeting baby Reed.

 Going for a walk. Love the strawberry sunglasses Claire has on. And Megan's sunglasses. Brobee came on the walk too.


 Wearing the new tye-die shirts. Brobee didn't have one to wear, but he was ok with sharing Claire's.

 I went to a Mother's Day brunch at Megan's kindergarten class, since Carolyn was in the hospital.

Then Mama and Reed came home from the hospital!!!

Audrey and Reed

 Megan and Reed

Tuesday through Saturday

Just hanging out, trying to let mama and Reed recuperate. Breakfast, school bus, Yo Gabba Gabba with Claire, Megan home from Kindergarten, lunch, nap time, play time, Audrey home from school, dinner, bath time, bed time. We went to the store. We did coloring. We did chalk and bike riding. Just normal stuff.

 Me and Audrey

 Me and Megan


In Sacrament meeting, Claire was the prayer police. Twice she caught Curtis folding his arms wrong during prayer. Twice! Shame on him.

Then, there was the closing prayer. I think the person who said the prayer must be a new convert. Instead of giving a prayer, he just talked: Dear Heavenly Father, we live in a great neighborhood, our bishopric is great, they are so helpful, we had a problem with our roof and they came and helped us...he went on and on. During the middle, Claire said, "This is not a prayer." I didn't react, so she tapped me until I opened my eyes. "THIS IS NOT A PRAYER!" She said, very loudly.

When he finished saying the prayer, he said, "I'm done....(then pause pause pause)...oh! Amen." 

I was surprised that no one laughed. Maybe Clarie was the only one really paying attention.

There was no legroom in Relief Society because of that huge grand piano! I'd rather have the small upright piano and some leg room. Carolyn says someone left it to the ward RS in their will, so I guess they are stuck with it.


We made sun catchers.

Claire and her sun catcher.

Megan and hers.

Audrey and hers.


Little Reedy Boy

We finished making the felt car town. We worked on it for a week and a half. The girls helped design and sew it.

Pajama Day at school


Claire wore hers too, even though she doesn't go to school.

I don't have one of Audrey for some reason.

I flew home on Wednesday.

I had a great time!

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